“Mapping the Story Genome”
A Film & Television Writing Workshop for Healthcare Providers

November 19, 2017 Sunday  |  1:30pm-5:00pm
Location: Private home Los Angeles Pico & Robertson Area
Class length 1 day, 3 hr Work Shop
Instructor: Lisa Medway

Cost: $75.00
Class size limited to 12 people

Have you always wanted to write for Film and Television? Do you have great storylines that you think would make for a riveting television series or movie? When you watch shows like: Nurse Jackie, ER, or Grey’s Anatomy, do you yell at the screen and say… that’s not realistic?

Mapping the story Genome is for you! In this 3 our workshop you will learn:

  • An overview of the fundamentals of writing for film and television
  • The Three Cs” – Concept, Character & Conflict: the core of all storytelling – comedy or drama, long-form or short form, feature films, one-hour episodic TV, sitcom – and in an altered state: animation writing.
  • The non-negotiable rules of creating visual storytelling, and the primary mechanisms – vital in crafting compelling, original material.
  • Crafting the protagonist: the three-dimensional character you create. Who’s the character who has what it takes to be the star of your show and tell the story (or stories)?
  • Development and creation of interesting characters.
  • Examine the core elements of a viable story and learn the strategies to create complex characters!

By the end of the workshop:
– You will have the basic tools needed to grow story cells in the petri dish of your imagination! You’ll be equipped to develop a pitch for a feature film or television pilot.


Lisa Medway
Attended UCLA, Member of the WGA. And teaches at The Writers’ Program at UCLA Extension since 1995, and received the citation for “Outstanding Instructor of the Year” in 2002. She’s taught over 100 classes in: animation, sketch comedy, half-hour sitcom, screenwriting, creative writing, and the nature of creativity.

Her humor essays have been published in PARENTING MAGAZINE and an eponymous bi-weekly column appeared in THE SANTA MONICA OUTLOOK (Copley Newspapers) from 1990-1995, during which time she won two AP (Western states) awards for “Columns, Commentary and Criticism.” She’s also contributed to ArtsBeatLA.

Television writing credits include : SABRINA THE ANIMATED SERIES, BABY LOONEY TUNES, DRAGON TALES, MAKE WAY FOR NODDY and the animated, sci-fi-adventure feature, PLANET KATE (Nickelodeon). She has created and developed animated series for Sony, Storyopolis, Cartoon Network, and Renaissance Atlantic.

In 2017 she wrote for a not-yet-on-the-air animated BBC series entitled BITZ AND BOB. Sitcom credits include: SILVER SPOONS, DUET, BUSTIN’ LOOSE, SINGER & SONS, BABY TALK, THE NANNY; a dozen original half-hour pilots including DO NOT BRING THAT PYTHON IN THE HOUSE (NBC); CLINGING TO THE WRECKAGE (FOX); THE PITTSBURGH LEMMINGS (The Arthur Company); SLICES (Disney).

Lisa performs at live storytelling events around L.A. Venues include: UCB, SIT N’ SPIN, The WGA Storytellers, SHINE, Throwback Thursday, BUSted & BAREBURGER (where she won First Place in July!).

For four years in a row, Lisa has taught at FOX STUDIOS “Learn at Lunch” “Writing Out Loud & The Neuroscience of Creativity.” a 12-week course offered to FOX employees through The Custom Programs Dept. at UCLA Extension.

Lisa is the co-author of the satirical self-help book: ME 101: A Workbook for a Better Relationship (Warner Books 2001 and currently writing a Middle Grade adventure novel and two memoirs: THE DESIGNATED DAUGHTER and DOES THIS CANE MAKE ME LOOK FAT?

Lisa works as a consultant and writing coach for scripted material and prose. She was born in Los Angeles, pre-LaLaLand and has three brilliant, hilarious, exceptional sons. You can scope-out her blog-cum essays at http://lisamedway.wordpress.com Representation: Attorney, Bill Skrzyniarz.

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What is Storytelling:

The art of conveying events in words, sound and or images, often by improvisation or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and instilling moral values.

Storytelling in its many forms, not just improv, can be an incredibly powerful tool for gaining new perspectives and creating shared understanding. Storytelling with empathy can be especially valuable in healthcare because, when you’re in tune with others’ needs, you can better serve them as patients, and be a better leader.

Empathy in Storytelling:

Empathy: The ability to understand and share feelings for another.

Research suggests that stories change our behavior because they change our brain chemistry. Through storytelling there is a better understanding of what people’s want’s, needs, pain points, and what brings them joy.

How Storytelling Can Be Used:

In The Nursing Profession: Storytelling promotes bonding and connection. It allows the teller to feel “understood” and “validated.” It can be used as a valuable tool for nurses in communicating with coworkers, and patients and their families.

For the Advance Practice Nurse:
– Create captivating lectures
– Perfect patient history skills
– Encourages team building and coworker support

For Patients And Families: Although storytelling is not “therapy,” it can be therapeutic. It gives both the storyteller and the listener a chance to look at an experience in a different light. A great exercise for patients and family members to perfect communication techniques with the ability of getting their point across in a concise and organized manner.